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What is Cannabis Oil and How does it Work as a Medicine?

Medical Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant which is known by the name cannabis sativa. The medicinal properties these plants have, they have been in rare use since 3000 years. Many varieties of this plant consist of high level of psychoactive substance called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which gives the high. Another main component is the cannabidiol or CBD which has zero psychoactive effect.

Can it treat epilepsy?

Albeit, there is some scientific proof that THC has the power to control the convulsions and much of the focus has been centered to CBD, particularly for childhood epilepsies that the normal meds failed to treat. Studies claimed that CBD is an effective treatment for the Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome which are many forms of epilepsy.

Are the cannabis induced epilepsy drugs available in the market?

Recently a drug named Epidiolex for the aforementioned epilepsy issues has been made available. The active component of this drug is CBD. However, this drug is not as effective as THC.

Are cannabis induced meds available for other conditions?

Yes, there is a synthetic version of THC known as the Nabilone is available to treat the nausea symptoms after chemotherapy and help people to gain weight. A drug known by the name Sativex has also been used for treating the pain and spasms related to multiple sclerosis. It contains the equal concoction of THC and CBD which is not ideal for treatment of children with epilepsy. If you use this medicine on them, it would render them stone high.

What are other uses of medicinal cannabis oil?

It is used for microdosing for treating inflammation in the body. Topical creams are also available that contains medical cannabis oils. These creams are excellent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory creams. They also treat arthritic symptoms without leaving any kind of side effects. When you use CBD oil cream, your metabolic system is bypassed which increases the absorption, efficiency and assimilation of CBD. Many people also use this oil for cooking purposes. Infusing this oil in your diet can be enjoyable and effective. It also provides immediate relief for many acute conditions.

Making the most of the CBD oil as your daily supplement or as a means of treatment for a health condition is now becoming very popular. If you are curious about CBD oil products, consult your medical practitioner first and be wary of unofficial scientific benefits bestowed by the CBD products.

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