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What Home Remedies are there for Bladder Infections?

A bladder infection, or cystitis, is a common ailment. Your bladder works by storing urine, changing its capacity constantly, whether full or empty. However, a problem occurs when bacteria reach the bladder. If enabled, the bacteria will multiply and cause the bladder to inflame, which is the source of discomfort. Often you will hear cystitis described as a UTI. While this is true, and cystitis is indeed a variation of lower UTI, not all urinary tract infections are cystitis. Men are susceptible to cystitis, however, it is women who have a shorter urethra and are at an overall greater risk.

Cystitis is relatively easy to identify and symptoms may include: 

  • Continuous need to urinate
  • Discoloured or pungent urine
  • Discomfort or burning during urination
  • Pain in lower abdomen or pelvis 

A bladder infection will usually clear up itself over the course of a few days, so there is little cause for concern. However, as those who have suffered are likely to know, the discomfort experienced during these few days is stressful and frustrating. In some cases, particularly those of men, children, and pregnant women, the infection may pose a greater risk to health or be symptomatic of another ailment. If you have any concerns, then contact your GP.

There are some readily available remedies that may help with the symptoms of cystitis. The most well-known is certainly cranberry juice. The juice has been shown to assist with symptoms due to its ability to reduce the acidity levels of your urine, helping with much of the discomfort and irritation. However, it is fundamental that you avoid purchasing a cranberry juice alternative that contains high levels of sugar since this could exacerbate the infection.

Other fruits, such as those high in Vitamin C, will help. Oranges, pineapple, mango, and kiwi fruit, for example, will each assist your body’s natural defences against infection. Adding or increasing the amount of them in your diet will not only disincline further bacterial growth within your bladder but it will also better your immunity to stave off potential future infections.

Water, and fluids, in general, will be a great comfort. Drinking increased amounts will prompt your bladder to work more and flush the infection quickly. It is also recommended to avoid sugary drinks as they will influence the acidity of your urine. Other drinks, such as coffee and alcohol, will increase discomfort, so avoid those too!

In addition to these remedies, and since the infection will likely disappear within a few days, using a hot water bottle, especially near the pelvis, will help decrease the level of discomfort and make the experience more manageable.

If you feel that your irritation and infection are beyond home remedy, then you may want to seek out prescription medicine. The most effective medication is trimethoprim, an antibiotic that targets the bladder. It is possible to order the prescription medicine online too, through online pharmacies such as, where you will be able to find trimethoprim, as well as more information about cystitis and associated medications.

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