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Renting Vs. Buying Home Medical Equipment In Memphis: What’s Better?

If you need a wheelchair, or an oxygen concentrator, for recovering from an injury or a health condition, there are two basic choices – Buy or rent. In Memphis, there are some amazing stores that rent out durable medical equipment. The real question is whether you should buy the product or get it on rent. Before you visit a home medical equipment store in Memphis, here are some quick aspects worth knowing.

Pros and cons of buying and renting

Unfortunately, some medical conditions cannot be treated. Some people have to be wheel-chair bound for the rest of their life, and while that is sad, it is best to buy quality mobility equipment right after the doctor recommends so. Renting is more useful when you do not need a particular product for more than a few months at the maximum. The obvious advantage of renting is the cost benefit. You don’t have to pay the full price for the product. We are talking of durable medical equipment here. These are products that can have repeated use and have use for at least three years or more. Such equipment can be rented when required, and you only pay a fixed price for the period or per month. Since you wouldn’t need the product immediately after you recover, there is no need to store it at home.

Finding the right Memphis home medical equipment store

There are quite a few options, but we recommend that you do your homework first. The best companies don’t just have more products for rent and buying but will also deliver and pick up the product on request. More often than not, patients needing such home medical equipment are not in a condition to move around. A company or store that understands such concerns and offers the most genuine advice on choosing products should be considered. The costing is an aspect that matters for renting, because it has to be effective in contrast to buying. To be more precise, if you are paying almost close to the actual price of the equipment in just a few months, buying is still better.

Bottom line

If you cannot visit the selected home medical equipment store, it is a wise idea to call them and ask for listings. They can also advice you on choosing products of the same category based on features and price. Do check the terms and conditions before renting.

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