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How to Choose Your Ophthalmologist?

If you are looking for suitable eye doctor to check your eyesight for the first time or if you want to get new glasses then it is confusing to decide how to search for the right professional and who will be the apt person to contact.

I tried to get an opinion from one optometrist near me who offered the following few useful information to select the right professional.

What will an optician do?

An optician will only help you to select and fit your eyeglasses as per the prescription in proper manner. Optician may also advise you to select your frame and help you to pick right types of lenses.

Usually they will work based on the prescription written by either optometrists or ophthalmologists. However, they will not examine your eyes or write prescriptions for you.

How ophthalmologist and optometrists are different from each other?

The differences between these two will be based on their training and education. An optometrist will undergo 4 years of education in this field and another one year of residency.

While ophthalmologists will go to a medical school for 4 years, and again followed by 4 years of residency. Some of them even do certain extra specialization course too. He will be a doctor for eye treatment.

Optometrist can also handle most of the jobs of ophthalmologists. However they cannot perform any surgery. However, both can prescribe medicines to treat your eye problems.

Who will be the best for eye care?

Answer to this question will depend upon your actual needs and also choices.

  • Exams and prescriptions

In order to perform any kind of examination of your eyes you may visit either an optometrists or ophthalmologists as both can perform eye exam. Also, either of them can prescribe you glasses as well as contact lenses.

  • Special fittings of contact lens

For contact lens fitting usually an optometrist will be the best option as they are often more specialized for any kind of difficult fitting of contact lens and are best for that kind of examination.

  • Laser and any other surgeries

In case, you are considering any laser surgery or other surgeries related to eye then ophthalmologist will be the right choice.

  • Serious eye conditions

In case, you have certain serious problem with your eyes like severe diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration for instance you will typically see your specialist ophthalmologist.

However, if you do not have very serious eye issues then the choice is entirely up to you.

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