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Breast Enlargement: Is it Right for You?

Breast enlargement or augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery. If you are considering going under the knife to enlarge your breasts, you are not alone. A breast implant has boosted many women’s self-esteem, sexual satisfaction and body image in the past. It could boost yours too. But that positive spike isn’t a given. In fact, there are chances of you feeling let down too by the procedure.

Careful Screening

Several studies point to the critical requirement for proper screening by surgeons and awareness among patients themselves, prior to a breast enlargement procedure. Women with alcohol or psychiatric issues aren’t ideal candidates for the surgery.

Breast Enlargement Reasons

The reasons for a breast enlargement could vary across women. Some young women could have micromastia, a condition where their breasts never develop. They would have a flat chest, like that of a prepubescent boy, and two nipples. And there could be others who may have asymmetrical breasts – they may not match in shape, size, or some other way. This condition is quite common and embarrassing too.

One breast could be a B-cup and the other could be a D. Or the breasts could have a difference of half-cup between them. This difference may not sound a lot but could be quite noticeable to the human eye. In such cases, the woman would not feel confident about her body. This is an issue of body image and not self-esteem. Affected women only expect the specific body part to appear normal, so that they could look better in bathing suits and clothes in general.

Some women could notice a major change in their breasts’ shape and form after pregnancy. Their body would have regained their original shape, but their breasts would have stayed behind.

Understanding Financial Costs

It is critical you enter a breast enlargement surgery understanding the costs attached – else you are likely to be dismayed.

Health insurance would not cover the procedure. Also, insurance doesn’t take care of any surgeries that follow up. You may believe you would not need more than one surgery, but that isn’t something you can be sure of. Complications can happen and revision procedures are at times required to correct them.

Moreover, both silicone and saline implants must be replaced later at some point due to breakage. According to statistics, about a percent or two of the implants placed deflate or break every year and most of them would have to be replaced.

Other Things to Consider

A woman’s breast changes shape and size naturally over time; the breast implant would not. In other words, an implant that looked perfect at a young age may cease to look so after a decade or two of staying in, especially after you have had kids or breastfed. Postpartum women wouldn’t have a lot of changes in the breast, particularly if they managed to keep their weight under check.


Breast enlargement UK is a big decision and you should be matured enough to understand the preparation it takes and the results you should realistically expect. If you are well-informed of the pros and cons of the procedure, you will most likely come out of the surgery satisfied. Speaking of which, if you are considering surgery in Europe, Europe Surgery is the right destination.

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